Cleaning House

(Originally posted on my site September 2011)

“Considering the amount of professional work you’ve done, your website’s shit,” is what one club director said to me recently.

He was right and I’ve been ignoring my site for months – I thought about hiring a designer to give me something swanky and flashy, but I simply can’t make my mind up as to what I want. I have an idea in my head, but none of the designers I’ve talked with have brought anything suitable to the table, so I’ve rejigged it myself and quite like this new, clean layout.

I like having the ability to edit and add stuff whenever the mood takes me; plus a lot of people don’t have fast computers, so a flash site is out for me. Maybe when I decide what I want, I’ll get flash and html versions made, but for now, I’ve cleaned house, removed the tumbleweeds and brought this simple design.

I like it. Does what it says on the tin. The snazziness can wait.

My Official Website


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