New Swallow Review

Swallow by Ilyria MoonWhen I’m not singing or tutoring, I have lots of other creative hobbies. One is writing. I used to commute to Manchester and swap novels with my friend to read on the way. I read so many, I decided I could write one! And so I did. It’s called Swallow and tells of a rockstar in rehab who meets a girl there, and the ups and downs of their relationship and life after rehab, all conducted in the public eye. It was inspired by the people I’ve met during the years I’ve worked in the entertainment industry. I write under a different name simply to avoid confusion and keep the two paths (music and literature) separate.

It first came out for Kindle and then other e-versions, such as the iPad and Nook, and is now available in trade paperback. Now I need to stop going on holiday and finish my second novel, Headliner, which is nearly completed, but I always slack off when I see the finish line, bah!

The blurb goes like this:

The rules are simple in the entertainment industry: Play the game, get burned!

Talented and hedonistic, British rock star Wolf Taylor is in rehab to garner publicity for the new album and doesn’t see why he shouldn’t have a little fun while taking one for the band. Love doesn’t figure in his long-term plans, so the last thing he banks on is developing feelings for a fellow patient, Luna Halliwell.

Luna falls for Wolf and is spun up in his hectic lifestyle and pressured by relentless media scrutiny. His friend, Lexie Hunter – a tabloid favourite for her bad behaviour as much as her fashion editorials – leads the merry motley crew, gleefully mentoring Luna in her struggle for perfection. But when the press drop a bombshell about Wolf’s past, Luna realises being half of a hot celebrity couple isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

A romantic, black-tinged comedy.

I just got a lovely reader review from David Makinson on Amazon 🙂

“At first glance, a book entitled ‘Swallow’ with a pouting girl emblazoned on the cover isn’t the sort of book I would normally choose to read. However, the one thing that the e-book revolution has taught me is not to jump to hasty conclusions about any book. I was glad that I shed my inhibitions and dived head-first into this story – sex, drugs and rock n’roll all the way.

Whilst undoubtedly raunchy, this book is extremely slick, well written and explores most graphically the disfunctional and excessive existence of the wilder elements of the ‘celebrity’ and ‘groupie’ culture. The contemporary dialogue is excellent and keeps the story moving at an appropriate rate. I wondered several times whether the author, Ilyria Moon had indeed bought the ‘tee-shirt’ such is her apparent insight into the characters and lifestyles depicted in the story – but that’s for other readers to judge or for Ilyria to kiss and tell, not for me to spoil.

I think this book is cracking value and well worth the time spent reading it.” – David Makinson

Get Swallow (Kindle Version) here.



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