There is no spoon…

Oh great, all my spoons went through a vortex.

Last night, I fancied a bowl of mint ice cream and went to the kitchen to serve it up. I needed a spoon – aw man, are they all dirty? I thought – I looked in the sink, none dirty, looked on the unit tops, none there either. Looked in the bedroom – in case I’d truly been enough of a slob to build up a collection in there, but no, they weren’t there. I knew they weren’t in the living room because I’d been teaching in there earlier and the room was spotless. I haven’t been in the spare room at all in weeks.

They’ve all gone! I’ve searched high and low and they’re nowhere to be found. I have one teaspoon and that was in my mug from earlier. All the other spoons of various sizes have vanished! The only rational explanation I can come up with is that I[‘ve thrown them all out in my sleep lol. I have had stuff vanish before, but not a whole tray of spoons!

I’m reading some entertaining weird stories about vanishing stuff hehe

All my spoons! I had to eat ice cream with the teaspoon from my cuppa earlier (I like to leave it in the mug, makes the coffee taste better hehe). The spoons are nowhere to be found, sink’s empty, worktops are bare, not in bedroom or living room or hall, just gone! How can at least 8 spoons vanish? I packed a lot of kitchen utensils and crockery months ago, but not the cutlery.

There truly is no spoon.


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