Method, Method, Method

I’ve been contemplating developing my own teaching method for a while now. I’ve been teaching music for 18yrs and in that time, I suppose I’ve already developed it, but I’m now embracing the idea of making it official.

Where to start!

There are so many people out there, selling their product, telling would be singers and players their way is best; they have gimmicks and glitzy websites, it’s hard to know what to focus on. How does one condense a lifetime’s experiences into a single mission statement? I guess I’ll figure it out as I go along. Most importantly, I don’t agree with the whole ‘quick’ package, y’know, the skipping rudimentary steps in order to rush to the finish line. Every brick has a place in the house.

I do have a name for my method! Not telling yet, though. First things first is that mission statement. Because I teach several instruments, I believe the method can be applied to them all, but I’m wondering whether it’s best to brand them separately or under the same umbrella.

Hmm, decisions, decisions. All while I’m packing my place up to put everything in storage and take that contract abroad. I’ve decided to offer Skype lessons to the students who wish for me to not reassign them to other tutors I know, so there will be a lot of changes this coming year.

I’m looking forward to them all.


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