Dance music singers should be seen and heard

Written by: Terry Church

Barbara Tucker, Michelle Weeks, Kenny Bobien and other famous house music vocalists appeared on stage at Britain’s Southport Weekender last weekend. They weren’t on the bill. They weren’t invited. They weren’t even real. But “if you weren’t paying attention, you would have sworn they were actually there in person,” says US DJ Kerri Chandler, who conjured up the apparitions in the middle of his set.

Kerri Chandler believes singers should be seen and heard. He feels so strongly about this, that he built a system that enables him to project singing and dancing 3D holograms of the vocalists behind the tracks in his collection, as he plays them in clubs. He hopes that by taking the spotlight away from the DJ booth and shining it onto the vocalists, their efforts and talent will be recognised.

“You never see vocalists in the clubs anymore,” says Kerri, who seems angry, perhaps even sad about their absence. “Nowadays, it’s all about the DJs and the producers, but the singers behind the records, the beautiful voices that gave house music its soul, deserve attention.”

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